R-HOM Thornton

Here is a brief overview of what we offer:

  • Monthly meetings (for the homeschooling parent) with topics to support your homeschool, as well as occasional guest speakers- 3rd Thursday of the month at 6:45pm, locations vary
  • Information regarding homeschool laws
  • Networking and sharing of curriculum knowledge and ideas
  • Fellowship and bible studies
  • Field trips
  • Summer hikes
  • Swim days
  • Precious lifelong friendships
  • Meeting homeschooling families

Dues are $10.00 for the year.
The money collected for dues is used to pay for paper products for the meetings and other expenses incurred by the leaders for activities pertaining to RHOM. The leaders are not compensated and are volunteering their time and efforts for the benefit of the group.

Interested? Contact us:


Thanks for checking us out! If you are looking for more information, please click on the group you are interested in and fill out the contact form. Someone will be in touch.

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